Get Rid of Burnout & Get Ready To Breakout! Increase your self love, self care, & self empowerment so you can end overwhelm, increase deeper connection, and reconnect to your divine power!

By Doing This You Can Manifest The Life of Your Dreams!

Give me just 20-30 minutes a day for 7 days, and I'll help you decrease stress, create authentic connections, boost your vibes, and get centered!

Starting Monday, September 1st, 2016 we're gonna connect with nature, help you discover your true and centered self, and increase your vitality!

Ready to reconnect with yourself and others this summer?

Taking the time to give yourself the love, affection, and attention we as deeply spiritual entrepreneurs so often crave is something we are not taught to do. And yet it's the very thing we need to create massive space for abundance, ease, vitality, and fun!

You desire a life of freedom, play, vitality, and deep connection. Getting back to nature, your true nature, and mother nature is the first step!

In this challenge I'm going to help you tap into an easy way to increase your connection with the divine and with nature so that you can increase your ability to create authentic connections with others and yourself and increase your sense of vitality, fun, and ease.

How to get back to nature:

1. Click the "sign me up" button to join the challenge and watch the welcome video on the following page

2. ​Starting Monday, September 1st each morning you'll receive an email with instructions for your daily challenge

3. ​Read the challenge prompts and complete the assignment

4. ​Share your insights, discoveries, and snapshots in the private support group "I Am Divine Mastermind"

Ready to experience tremendous ease, effortless abundance, and deep connection like never before?

Give yourself just 20-30 minutes a day and I'll help you tap into your divine power, activate and align your chakras, and reconnect with your true self in order to create peace, abundance, ease, and joy!

If we haven't met before, I'm Endigo Rae, the founder of Divine Earth School. 

​When I'm not helping Mosaic Souls (multipassionate spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives) create sustained and beautifully awakened lives and businesses , you can find me out in nature, making and sharing music, shooting brand photography and video, and a whole host of other things.

I love mother nature!!! It's like one of my best friends and guides!!! lol. When I'm feeling confused I go and commune with her, and I always get more clarity. When I need more energy, she lights me up and shares her vast amounts of energy with me. Nature is here to show us how life is really supposed to be and can be very simple, easy, and fun!

Which means that I know the power of reconnecting with nature and creating an abundant life and business by reconnecting with your inner being/higher self/divine soul.

​If you're ready to create an authentic life where you get to be your true self 24/7, have effortless ease of manifestation, and be completely in tune with your divine planet then this challenge is totally for you!

Get Ready To Feel More, Be More, Experience More & Do Less In The....

Back To Nature Challenge

The Back to Nature Challenge arose out of a need to reconnect with my own divine power, my own inner knowing, and desire to truly step into the powerful being that I knew myself to be. Through this urge and creation came a desire to share what I discovered and a longing for you to experience the power that truly lies within you.

  1. Daily Emails: that guide you with specific and helpful instructions to help you tune back into yourself and nature. You'll also learn how to balance the 7 chakras, which are energy centers along your body that govern your phycological, physiological, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  2. Private Support Group: to help you connect with others, create sacred space and room for self care, and be cheered on to continue in your deepening connections.
  3. Fun & Simple Activities: where you will take a snapshot a day for accountability, for fun, and for fascination and exploration of the world around you. Helping you to tap back into your child like innocence and tapping into your divine power to manifest the life and business of your dreams!

What People Are Saying About The Challenge

Hi Endigo,
Thank you very much for inviting me to take part in the Back to Nature Challenge. The first day was awesome! I started feeling aligned immediately. I struggled to sleep though that night. I think my body was adjusting. I started to appreciate nature and the beauty it gives us and how much I tend to not appreciate it. As a single mom who's an entrepreneur I am a professional juggler but that left me drained. A week later I'm calmer, more attuned to my spirit self. I have manifested great business opportunities, and to think a week ago I was so burnt out, I was struggling to get out of bed in the morning, but it's become easier since the challenge. It was also great to know that I wasn't doing this alone. I'm a great starter but I'm bad at finishing. I'm proud of myself for seeing this through. I am changed and I wish to continue on the journey. Thank you Endigo.

Lusanda Ncapayi
- Entrepreneur
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I feel so free!

From the moment I spoke to Endigo via Internet I knew there was something extremely special about her. I have never met such a positive person in my life! Endigo gave me the tools and exercises I needed to succeeded and become more organize to see my vision clearly and archive my life long dreams and goals. I am healthy and thriving even more than before! I have also become a Vegan and I can not tell you how it makes a difference in mind, body and spirt. I highly recommend Endigo to anyone I know, she is the best coach hands down! I feel so free!

Sierra Ross
- Makeup Artist
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Join The Back To Nature Challenge

Don't let another day go by and not tap into your own divine inner power and strength within you that you have access to at any time. This challenge is a catalyst to help you feel empowered and safe to explore your own true source of inspiration, activations, and explorations of mother nature and your true nature. Which leads to a life of sheer freedom, utter joy, and ecstatic bliss!

More From Divine Souls....

Thank you for this challenge!

Thank you Endigo for this challenge! It was just what I needed to recharge and remember my purpose. Getting back to nature is where I was able to find my center so that I continue my work. I look forward to doing more challenges with you!

Ursula Foster
- Massage Therapist, LMT
John Doe UI/UX Designer
Endigo Rae
Creator of Divine Earth School

About Divine Earth School

Divine Earth School is the school for awakened living and awakened business. The school is geared towards helping you to create a life and business that is a reflection of your true soul essence.

The goal of the school is to bring about a state of higher consciousness on the planet by empowering Mosaic Souls to take back their divine power and paint the canvas of their life using their divine gifts and reconnecting with our ancient spiritual ways of being including the power of nature.

I know that you're extremely busy, but...

Connecting with yourself in a deeper way is the key to your success and happiness. I know it seems very counterintuitive, but when you start to understand and know that you are a vibrational being (backed by science) having a vibrational experience in a vibrational universe then learning to shift your energy and trust in this divine power that resonates and animates all of us, then you'll truly start to take back your power and move in your life and business from a more empowered place. A place of inner knowing that everything will always be ok because you are the master of your own reality!

Gain vs. Lose

What you'll gain:

  • A chance to reconnect with the earth and mother nature and spend 20-30 minutes out in nature each day, which improves your health, vitality, and sense of aliveness.
  • An album of photos that you'll create comprised of one photo a day that helps you reconnect and share the beauty and joyous discoveries that you'll have on this exciting journey.
  • An opportunity to finally get motivated and a support system to keep you on track and cheer you along on your journey to freedom
  • A host of enriching, enlightening, and enlivening activities that will help you activate, balance, and harmonize your chakras; which are the energy centers along your body that help determine your physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

What you'll lose:

  • The excuses and obstacles that hold you back from finally reconnecting with your true self.
  • Old belief patterns, negative thoughts, and ways of being that no longer serve you and your divine beautiful life.
  • Fear from going out in nature. Fear from being yourself completely, and fear from truly living the life that you truly desire and deserve.
  • Confusion, anxiety, and stress that keep you back from living passionately and sensing and feeling life through all your 6 senses. All while being inspired to truly follow your heart and live a more happier, joyous, and fulfilling life!

Here's What You Get:

  • Daily Emails & Activities
  • Private Support Group Full of Mosaic Souls Ready To Support & Cheer You On
  • A chance to tap into your divine power and create the life of your dreams
  • A connection with nature that you can take with you throughout your life
  • Healing skills that help you boost your energy, realign to your true nature, and create space for abundance, ease, and vitality
  • A portfolio of snapshots that will be a wonderful reminder to continue on deepening your journey to connecting with mother nature and your true nature

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the challenge start?

Will I receive anything physical?

Where will I receive the challenge instructions?

If I have questions what do I do?

How long will I have to spend out in nature?